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Legacy Story


My father passed when I was 29. I was blessed to have him in my life all those years but many of them were spent apart while in college and growing my professional career across the country.

When he lost his battle with cancer I just wanted to hear his voice and see him smile and laugh but all I had were a few voicemails that I now absolutely treasure.

Now that I’m a father to a little boy I know it would be a gift to have the opportunity for my dad to tell his story and share his wisdom with my son.

Ryan Elkins


Each Legacy project generates two videos: a 90 to 150+ minute video meant for close family and friends and a 3 to 8 minute version suitable for sharing more broadly or on social media.


Who are you? Where do you come from? What is it about you people may not know but should?

What is your story?

Genealogy & Family Origins

"It gives you a sense of meaning, of intrinsic worth. It places you in the continuum of history, as to who you are, and it's important for us to know who we are."

Family Stories

What are the family stories that are looked forward to each holiday gathering? The stories that ground us in family. That keep fresh and vibrant good times long gone. That will leave a painful hole and a loss of family when there's no-one left that remembers them.

Only You Know Best

This is your story. It is what you want it to be. In reality, a Legacy Story rarely includes content from only one of the above examples. Our lives are simply too rich and diverse: your children, hopes for the future, career, life's passion...

When reflecting on the life of a loved one are you capable of explaining the source or meaning of their defining passion?


Where did your grandmother's drive to become the pre-eminent biologist of her era come from? What was it about your uncle that led him to a life of public service? Why did your mother - as an amateur - practice piano for 5 hours a day six days a week for over a decade? What would it be like to have a video of your grandfather describing how his parents immigrated to America? To be able to see and remember how he formed his thoughts, the tenor of his voice, the way his eyebrows rose at the end of each sentence.

Understanding where we come from can guide us on how we get to our destination. While the facts of our family of origin are important to understanding our starting point, the stories behind those facts - the grit, compassion, integrity, humor - are what we internalize and use to build our own successes.

You have the opportunity to pass forward your success. What you've achieved is of note. How you achieved it is what can benefit those that follow.

You've spent a lifetime writing your story. It has value. You are empowered to ensure that it is available to those that will be enriched by it.


Sample some short-form examples of a Legacy Story. A short-form version is an abridged, concise version of a story crafted from the full interview. They are designed to be relevant to a larger audience - one less invested in the subject's story - and are well suited for sharing and social media.

Examples of the long-form films are available upon request but please recognize that these are private pieces and can be highly sensitive. In general, long-form videos are essentially the ​video record of the interview itself: the interviewer's voice has been removed leaving only the subject telling their story to the viewer.


Legacy Story


  • ~60 minute consultation

  • Pre-interview questionnaire & interview preparation guide

  • 3 hour on-site interview session

  • ~45 minutes of non-interview filming (B-roll)

  • Incorporation of up to 12 photos / documents

  • Incorporation of B-roll

  • Stories:

    • A lightly edited, 90 to 150+ minute video

    • A highly edited 3 to 8 minute "sharable" story

Supplemental Offerings


Additional Video Pieces

  • Prior to the start of the editing process a few days after a shoot, additional short-form videos can be commissioned at a cost of $500 each

  • At any future point, additional video pieces can be commissioned at an editing rate of $100 per hour


Media Scanning / Archiving

  • Each Legacy video project includes hi-resolution scanning of up to 12 photographs, documents, or archival objects. KnowMe Studios can also scan and provide digitization for additional pieces

    • On-site scanning at $100 / hour​ (roughly 60 - 100 items per hour)

    • Off-site* at $50 / hour

  • For large quantities or specialty content (film or magnetic media), KnowMe can advise on and facilitate digitization through 3rd party vendors


* A contract waiver of responsibility is required.

Closed Captioning

  • Each short-form video includes complete closed captioning in English for hearing impaired and deaf viewers

  • Closed captions for longer pieces can be produced at KnowMe's cost of up to $250

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