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What's your story?


Your Story



KnowMe Studio's goal is to help you tell your story. If you've got an idea or dream and it doesn't fit neatly into the Legacy or Origin Stories offerings, let's figure out what that project would look like. We're more interested in telling stories than categorizing them.

Birth / Adoption / Entrustment Stories

As a parent, it is hard to imagine a richer story than welcoming a child into one's family. Rich, complex, loving, overwhelming... every detail of these stories are worthy of remembering. But how much will fade one, five, twenty years from now?

Child's First Birthday

Presents for a child's first birthday aren't necessarily for the child. However, a montage of videos recorded by those that love them that will be delivered at a later date? This powerful long-play will be an absolutely priceless gift on their eighteenth birthday and will resonate throughout their entire life.

Year-in-Review / Decade-in-Review

Reflect on the year just past and layout the hopes for the coming year. One year of this would be an interesting document - ten would make for an invaluable decade long legacy.

Family Heirloom / Provenance

A family painting that has been handed down through the family for generations? A commissioned set of silver? A civil war medal awarded for valor? A mini-documentary incorporating family lore told through interview, still photography, video, documents, and archival research can change an object to an artifact. It only takes an episode or two of Antiques Roadshow to recognize the value of documentation.


Your Story - Custom Film


While the very nature of an individualized offer involves a custom budget and deliverables there is one unwavering outcome: a professionally filmed and edited piece captured and told with empathy and dedication

In general, all projects involve:

  • Pre-interview consultations and development work. For a custom project, this may be more involved than for the other KnowMe offerings but the goal is the same: to fully understand your hopes and needs for the project and to have you comfortable with the process

  • At least two delivered pieces:

    • A short-form piece intended for a broader audience

    • A longer format piece meant for a specific, invested audience

  • All content used in the work - filmed and created or acquired - is delivered to you at the end of the project. This is your story and content, whatever we generate together is yours

  • All work is delivered in multiple formats: on-line, USB media, 1,000 year archival DVD

Supplemental Offerings


Additional Video Pieces

  • Prior to the start of the editing process a few days after a shoot, additional short-form videos can be commissioned at a cost of $500 each

  • At any future point, additional video pieces can be commissioned at an editing rate of $100 per hour


Media Scanning / Archiving

  • Each Legacy video project includes hi-resolution scanning of up to 12 photographs, documents, or archival objects. KnowMe Studios can also scan and provide digitization for additional pieces

    • On-site scanning at $100 / hour​ (roughly 60 - 100 items per hour)

    • Off-site* at $50 / hour

  • For large quantities or specialty content (film or magnetic media), KnowMe can advise on and facilitate digitization through 3rd party vendors


* A contract waiver of responsibility is required.

Closed Captioning

  • Each short-form video includes complete closed captioning in English for hearing impaired and deaf viewers

  • Closed captions for longer pieces can be produced at KnowMe's cost of up to $250

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